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Just a general question.

Who of us here have a stinkboat?

I'm wondering as I own one, however I am keen to get into yaking as I can see I can access skinnier water to fish.

Whats the reasons why or why not?

I am keen to see who has both and how they balance the two different types of fishing?

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hi mac
Ive got a 4.35m side console which i use to chase pelagics around Moreton Bay.The boat was set up so i could fly and sport fish mainly with the electric motor being used once i got to where i wanted to go.
Since moving to Bribie i now realize i shouldnt have sold my canadian and the idea of using a yak/canoe is to access the shallow flats and small creeks up in the pumicestone passage area.I like to paddle to where i want then get out and wade the flats .
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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