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Still dreamin but only just

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Good news I can paddle a Kayak (and I love it). On Saturday had a paddle of a friends Viking Tempo and his Viking Nemo, the objective was to make sure I could actually get on board and paddle successfully. On Saturday evening I was fitting out a new Yak in my dreams. Today at my friends suggestion we took the Nemo to a local outdoor pool so that I could try reentry from deep water to cut a long story short I could not do it basically, because of my disability, remember I have MS and cant use my right leg. When I could get my body on the Yak I was not able to right myself without tipping back in to the water, I think I managed it once in about 20 attempts. I dont want to give up but I am wary of the possibility of being tipped out by some unthinking stinkboaters wake even if I pick the right conditions. Can anybody think of something that might help :?:
Are outriggers a possibility on SOT Yaks :?:
Are there any aids to reentry that I could try out :?:

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Thanks Ross, that looks the goods, where did you get it :?:

Adam, thanks for the encouragement.
I am going to buy a paddle float today and give it a try ASAP.
I am not giving up.
Thanks guys, the paddle float works. Once we figured out how to secure the paddle, I managed to reenter every time I tried.
Dodge, I used your advice and got on a bit further before trying to turn, thanks.

Now all I have to do is buy my own Yak, at least I know that I will be relatively safe. :D :D

1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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