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Steve's New Yak (Perception Swing)

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Finely My New Yak. :D Pick it up through the week, and been hanging out the last few days to see if it floats.

Got the yak on the roof racks and a couple of rods in the car last night, all ready for an early morning paddle/fish. Got up about 5 (been awake since 4 :shock: ) and headed down to Twin waters to but the yak in the water and check out the Moorchy River Mouth. Paddled around Goat Island, Trolling sp's and hb's . Not Much luck in the fishing department, But really enjoyed, the paddle around checking things out.


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Ahhh .... Really neat yak.... Fish next time eh?

Cheers Andybear :lol:
Good one Steve know you'll be another happy Swing paddler, funny that the 2 most recent swings on the forum are the same colour
Nice, real nice
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Luv that colour too, like Dodge says that colour about atm.

Nice looking Yak Steve, they look great in that colour.
Top choice there Steve,
Them swings just look purpose built to fish anywhere.Steve.
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