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Stainless Steel Cart

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hi guys,
i've just started making my kayak cart out of stainless steel, except i havent put a kickstand on yet. I'm just wondering what the kick stand is used for, and whether i need one?
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It helps with loading so the trolley stays in a position suitable to take the yak because usually you can't line it up and lift the yak at the same time.
When I built my cart out of pvc pipe I didn't think I needed a kick stand - but I found out the hard way that I did! I put the yak on the cart, thinking it would right itself, but all it did was put unnecessary stress on one of the joints which subsequently broke - a major pain in the butt because I was on a sandy beach about 400m from the car. Go the stand!
ok thanks guys, might have some pics by today or tomorow!!
Ok, so far i've attached the wheels.


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I should be able to add the two pieces on this weekend. Then on monday i will put upp the kick stand.
Looking interesting. I'll be waiting to see how it's coming on.
going well there vuki.... look forward to the finished job
finally went down to south coast, wasn't able to get any close ups of the Cart, but i got a pic of it and the yak just before i was about to launch.


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Haven't yet put any foam or rubber on, but it isnt damaging the kayak in any way.
Nice looking cart , now you need to get rid of that sugar scoop paddle and get a decent one .
PeterJ said:
Nice looking cart , now you need to get rid of that sugar scoop paddle and get a decent one .
Hear, hear, agree it makes a monumental difference :wink:
Nice looking cart there Vuki :) top stuff mate.

How much did you spend on materials all up?
$15 each for the wheels, the rest my dad got from work.

Will the paddle really make a difference, i thought i was travelling at a reasonable speed.
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