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St Georges Basin

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Hi all,

I joined up here a while back and made a few posts. I have had a bit of drama in my life of recent times and now find myself living in St Georges Basin, and looking to get out on the yak as much as possible (who isn't?).

Anyway I thought I would put this out there for those that may know of any secret spots or better still for anyone who lives around this area and wants to catch up for a paddle and show me where these spots are :D

With some luck I will be heading out tomorrow and will post some pics.
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I have mixed memories of Sussex Inlet and St Georges Basin, my dad's mate reckoned the way to teach kids to swim was chuck them into 10' of water, and I went in with his lot; every time you reached shore he took you you to the wharf end, and in you went again...bastard, but guess it worked.

Hope your dramas are behind you now, and enjoy the yakking mate; I'm to far north to join you :lol:
Hey Richo,

I am hoping not too many kids were lost in that process :wink:
Hi Simon,
We have an onsite van at Sussex and I'll let you know when I'm down that way with the kayak.
We've only had the van a few weeks but come Summer we'll be there most weekends.
You should try Swan Lake with live worms for bream. I had a paddle down there a couple of months back and caught and released around 10 legal bream in windy conditions.
I'll let you find all the secret spots and catch up with ya for a paddle.


I was thinking of checking out Swan Lake as I stumbled across a little offshoot of it when I was out 4wding some time back before I moved down here. It had crystal clear water, heaps of snags and plenty of bream swimming around. Looked like it would be worth a try.

I actually had a chance to have a quick paddle today on the Basin. A local recommended a couple of deep channels. Had no luck but enjoyed my time on the water.
Sounds like ya got some nice water there to paddle and fish on.
Hey Troppo

Mate there is certainly plenty of nice places down this way. I will enjoy exploring them all :D
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