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Speed of a 'sit on top yak' with traditional kind.

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I have been considering purchasing a sit on top kayak for fishing for quite same time. But have been wondering, how do they compare 'speed' wise with the traditional type 'plastic' sea kayaks. I have mainly been looking at Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite 4.5 or Scupper Pro Dive and the Viking Predator.

The reason I ask, is that several members of my family own traditional kayaks and I would like to know if I would be able to keep up with them while on trips, without using considerably more effort or consistently lagging behind.

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the Cobra Expidition will be a fast yak, although at only 60cm wide, it will be fairly tippy. not ideal if your aim is to do any significant fishing from it

sea kayaks and boats built for speed with long waterline length and narrow beam are designed to go straight and fast, whereas fishing yaks / most SOTS are 'compromise' craft designed to do something different.

what you're asking here is will a ford falcon do what a ferrari can?

the answer is both yes and no, but if its outright speed then the answer in that dept is no.

good luck with the search. as troppo said , get your mates into fishing and the'yll want to slow down!
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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