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Spearfishing Kayak Help Needed

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My name is Jesse and i was put onto this forum after some suggested that i need more info before buying a kayak.

I am 80kg, 175cm and looking to take out about 10kg of gear and take home 20kg of fish (on a very good day). I will be useing my kayak to spearfish from. I am looking to spear reefs around the sunny coast upto about 3km's out from shore so i need a good fast kayak that is easy to punch through chop and can surf OK. I would like to be able to strap to spearguns to the side, and have a place to put fish, crays, fins mask etc.

I am looking for something less than 4m in lenght otherwise i will have problems with transportation. I have about 1000 to spend but could spend about 1500 if need be. I want a bright yellow or orange one

I have been out in a kayak about a half a dozen times on camps and at family properties in fresh water but never salt.

So any information about what type of kayak would best suit my needs would be appreciated. I was looking at a viking tempo but i have been now told that they are a bit slow for the ocean. I am now looking espri having looked at all the forum material.

Any advice would be great on what to get.


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Jesse - check your PM's
The swing is 4.01 metres long and can be supplied with a rudder etc, some fokes on here have excellent Swings that are fitted out for fishing
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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