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Sounders and flathead

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A question or two ... Do sounders distinguish fish that are lying on the bottom, such as flathead or rays? and what about fish that are hidding under a ledge or sunken log? Any ideas


Red Herring
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Hi Red,

Basically the sounder interprets echoes (sonar returns). A flathead will return a visible echo, so in essence the sounder will see the fish - however, you (as the operator) will not usually be able to distinguish the return from the fish from the return from the sea floor around the fish (except for units with exceptional resolution color screens where the bottom return is strong - ie. hard bottom - this MAY give a contrast to the weaker fish return). Same goes if you are using a fish ID feature on your sonar (ie. little fish shapes instead of sonar arches) – the sonar’s processor will not be able to distinguish the fish from the bottom.

So the basic answer is that a fish finder will not assist you in finding flathead unless they are swimming (ie. not lying in ambush on the sea floor). What a sounder will help you find very effectively are the holes and drop-offs that flathead locate themselves around.
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