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Sold me Boat and bought a yak

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Gday everyone i recently sold my boat to buy a Yak and i have never look back. with some great advice from spottymac and the help from these forum pages i eventually brought a viking Predator and have more fun fishing from it than i ever had from my boat and have caught more fish i might add. Thanks everyone for your help.
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Great work Tonski, you are the third person I`ve heard of to do that.Good luck with the new rig. Think of the tackle you can buy with the money saved on launch fees, and reg, and licencing, and petrol, and service costs........... Steve.
Now thats a great first up fish from your kayak tonski. My first was a redfin from a local lake. It was so small I darn near released my squidgy wriggler by mistake!! By the way, what state do you come from? Steve.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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