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G'day Steve. give it a go...you'll be pleasantly surprised.

i tried soft plastics years ago and didn't catch a bloody thing so wrote them off as a 'gimmick'. However the new breed of SP's (especially the Berkely range) produces fish for me on every trip. Flatties, tailor and bream are the main species that I've caught with them , but i've also hooked whiting, kingfish, aussie salmon and snapper as well.

It all depends on what you want to target, but most fish will scoff a SP that swims or flutters past their nose.

I'd recommend the Berkely range (3" Minnow in various colours) as the best 'allround' SP's - as these can be flicked around structure, fished along the bottom or in midwater, skimmed across the surface or trolled all with good results. The Gulp sandworms are also becoming a favorite for flatties, bream and whiting as well.

When you consider a pack of SP's costs $7-$9 and they last you for a few trips, the cost is no different fom other forms of bait.

Anyway, good luck with it...hope you enjoy the new challenge.
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