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Snapper, Mulloway, and kingfish tackle

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Hello All

I am currently looking at a shimano raider snapper rod 7’6â€
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JW, I have a Symetre 4000FI loaded with 10lb fireline on a cheapo Jarvis Walker rod. Have used it mostly for trolling. It has been fine, but has never been fully tested. The Symetre was recommended by my local tacklo for saltwater work in the yak (although his price is ridiculous and I bought elsewhere).

The reel should be fine for 15lb braid. Personally, I would be looking for an overhead at that weight, but I understand your price constraints and the threadline will be fine. Yes you can break 15lb line - I have been snagged in around 20m on 20lb braid with 40lb leader and managed to break the main line.

Also I prefer a shorter rod in general as they are more manageable on the yak, and especially in the heavier weights where I have no real reason to cast.

I bought my heavy outfit all at once (TLD15 overhead, Shimano Spectrum 6' 10kg rod and 300m 20lb Tuffline XP braid). Cost about $330 I think, with $200 of that being the reel. The rod is definitely not a lightweight dream machine but for trolling and bottom bashing it doesn't need to be. I had gone into the store with other ideas but the salesman (Dean Hayes who is a respected charter operator in Sydney) convinced me to go this way.
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Update on my cheapo rod - the ring dropped out of the tip guide a week ago (at least that's when I noticed it) and I was unable to remove the tip guide to replace it. Have since bought a new outfit. While I was looking I was shown some Uglystick rods that are composite glass/graphite. Surprisingly light and a reasonable price. Should last a long time. I ended up buying 100% graphite (it was a remaindered item on the floor so brand is irrelevant), mostly because I like a cork grips and a smaller butt (I'm only talking fishing rods here)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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