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SIT In-Out

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Was going to post this as a PM; however, thought someone might get a laugh out of it.
Mick - just found the pix of your rigged yak. I too have an sit it - the ancient orange! Will make a few more adjustments based on your photos.
Now - how do you get in and out of the damned thing? The first time I got in I damn near flipped it and on returning succeded in doing so with spectacular results. :oops: I added outriggers thinking this would help. As b4 managed in ok; but, even with the outriggers I went bum up in the water trying to get out as Yakabe can attest to as he tried to hold the yak and bit his tounge to keep from laughing. Is there a method????
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Hi Duncan,
:lol: :lol:

Sounds like you have a small cockpit entrance. My sea kayaks are the same. My fishing sik has a very long cockpit entrance so that I can straddle the boat, sit in the seat, then put my legs in when I am ready.
I got it made that way because of the same problems you are having.

With a traditional (small) cockpit entrance, the accepted method of entry is by sitting on the back deck, sliding the feet in first then bum and away you go. if you put the boat side on to the bank, then put your paddle accross the back deck behind your bum with one blade on the bank and lean on the paddle shaft is a big help. Very hard to describe in words, but any of the kayaking manuals should have pictures. Some of the early siks were real tippy to get in and out of but pretty stable once you are in them.
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When beginning its not only SIKs that are a challenge; you will see the funny side of this I'm sure

Richo - Interesting! My yak has a reasonably large cockpit and is far too wide for me to straddle and I am not sure how the vinyl would take to my rather large posterior resting on the rear deck. Then there is the problem of the mandintory milk crate and its contents being in the way and the possibility of less useful but still very important parts of anatomy becoming entanbled in said milk crate. Wx is supposed to be good on Monday so I might just go down to the river and practice a bit. Or, there is always the option of just waiting until I get my X-Factor and pass the antique orange on to my son and let him deal with it :wink:
Imagine falling off trying to perform that manouver hairy , You would look like a bit of a turkey. Oops no, thats just the avatar. :lol: :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol:

mate ome of my best and most notable spills have come like that. Allways seems to be at a time hen there is an audience :oops: :oops:

My slick little Osprey (590mm) with a v bottom is particularly good at tipping me on the beach in front of pretty girls. :D
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