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Simple, safe anchor system

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Recently I mentioned that I'd cobbled together a simple little anchor system that worked really well and was asked to post an image of it, so here 'tis.
It consists of 3 brass clips and a thick bungee cord of around 4 foot. One clip is fixed to each end, with another running free in the middle. In use, one end clip is attached to a D-ring in the hull and the free running clip attached to the D-ring at the bow. The other clip at the end attaches to wherever on the anchor rope that suits.

As you can probably make out from the images below, it's quick and easy to clip onto the boat but more importantly, allows for plenty of elasticity on the anchor line and I've found this to provide a much smoother anchoring in rough waters than when the anchor rope is used alone. I've tried it out on my sport numerous times as well as my mates tandem outfitter. Works a charm on both.

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Thanks for posting this, I'm setting up something quick tonight and this helped get me in the right direction.

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