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Shimano T Curve 6ft 6" Spin Rod

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Anyone tried these rods?
The bloke at MOs , who has always given me good advice, is recommending one as a spin stick for use with sps and light lures but with a bit of backbone

Its a bit of a splurge but if you can't buy yourself a birthday present who will? :)
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i think i have one of these... not to sure... will give u a bell when i get home.

Hey Guy,

I have a Shimano T-Curve Tournament 6'3" XL Baitcaster, beautiful rod.

Not the cheapest rods, I think mine was around $180, but they are a beautiful rod.....light and responsive, SiC guides, beautifully finished as well.

No doubt the spin rod will be built to the same standard......
I really like the look of them and would have already had one were it not for the fact that i am trying to save up to get the kayak!!

Great rods IMHO.
Hi Guy, I have used them a few times as a loan when my Breambusters got stolen nice rod for the money. cheers fishbrain
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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