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Shark Shield or Man Shield

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Hi all
An interesting little occurrence happened to me on Saturday during our kingfish outing at Clovelly.
I decided to take out my Shark Shield and try it out. I strapped it to my right leg and placed the rat's tail through the front scupper and into the water. I figured that if I went into the drink, I would prefer to have the SS attached to me rather than the kayak. I had my right foot on the rudder peddle and just happened to touch the water that had collected in the footwell with my heel. I got a shock!! Everytime I put my foot in the water, I received a jolt from the SS.
I switched it off and placed it in the rear tankwell, secured to an eyelet, and dropped the rat's tail overboard. I have heard of divers and surfers getting zapped by it. It seems you have to be fully in the water so as you don't act like some sort of conductor. The electrical impulse through the leg was pulsating and enough to cause discomfort. If it gave me the s#*&^@, imagine what it does to the sharks!!

Prowler 15
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I don't bother strapping the SS to myself. I put the tail down through a scupper hole near my rudder pedals. From that position I can easily see the indicator light on the on/off switch. I've never fallen out of the kayak and don't intend to. If I do I figure that I wouldn't be straying too far from the kayak and the SS is suppose to have a protective field of up to 7 metres. Like Scott I've been zapped on exiting the kayak when finishing a session. Sometimes I've been zapped on entering the kayak when conditions have made it awkward. After the attacks here in Adelaide it was reported that Seachange had suggested that they could the beaches in Adelaide with the same technology. Never heard anymore on this suggestion, I guess the government didn't come to the party. I would think that a system like the SS would be cheaper than constant aerial patrols.

Cobra PF
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