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As some of your guys no doubt remember, we tried to organise a group buy of shark shields through the forum at the beginning of winter. A few guys expressed that they may be interested in getting one for the summer season. Shoey has just contacted me to see if we are still going ahead with this so if you are interested please comment below.

The projected price was going to be around $525 instead of the RRP which just under $700. If we get a few people keen I will recontact the distributor and see if he is still keen to allow the forum to become a supplier.

Catch ya Scott

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I will be interested for the peace of mind in having a Shark Shield.
Do you know if deter Rays?
The last two outings I have had some big Rays scoot under the yak in shallow water and it makes the heart race.
After the Steve Irwin thing I treat them with more respect now.
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