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September Comp period STARTS NEXT Friday 1st September and ENDS Thursday 7th September.

Entries must be submitted by Friday 8th September at 5pm. Winners will be announced at that time.

For competition rules etc see http://www.akff.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2952

Entries only should be posted in this thread (please refrain from posting messages that aren't comp entries in this thread).

A POINTSCORE will be awarded starting this month, with the top 5 or 10 anglers (depending on number of entries received) scoring points towards the end of year tally/prizes. So, enter away!

Thanks and Good Luck....

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Name / Username of Angler: Davey G
Fish Type/Name: Sammy the Squid
Length: Approx 38cm from tip to beak
Date/Time of Capture: 2/9 at 12pm
Location of Capture: Old Mans Hat, Sydney Harbour
Type of Lure/Bait used: Gulp Sandworms (camo)
Comments: The squid grabbed my sandworm as I was floating it over reef and he was jagged in one tentacle. Upon capture he made his displeasure known by giving my yak a good inking. So I took him home and ate him. Yum.

Name / Username of Angler: Davey G
Fish Type/Name: Trevor the Trevally
Length: 33cm to tail
Date/Time of Capture: 2/9 between 8am-12pm
Location of Capture: Bluefish Point/inside North Head
Type of Lure/Bait used: Gulp Sandworms (camo)
Comments: Caught 6 of these little blighters all around the same size. They give a good account of themselves on light tackle and fight like a much larger fish.

Note. You may 'think' that this is in fact the same fish as Gatesy has previously entered but if you look closely at Gatesy's entry you will clearly note that his fish has Hovinka written on its side. Mine does not. So there....


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Congrats to everyone who got out, had fun and caught fish.

And this months winners are:- (Top 10 Pointscore)

10 Points - Naki Man with his 2 massive Snapper - well done!
9 Points - sbd with his 69cm Kingfish - 2nd legal fish from the yak - what an effort!
8 Points - Yakatak with his Wivenhoe Bass and Golden Perch
7 Points - Hobie Fisherman with his 53cm Aussie Salmon
6 Points - AndyBear with his 44cm Estuary Cod (extra sympathy points awarded for the one that got away) :x
5 Points - PoddyMullet with his 39cm Snapper
4 Points - Yakabe with his squidgy munching Snook.
3 Points - Cid and his Bumper Botany Bay bream
2 Points - Daveyak and his Aussie Salmon
1 Point - Gatesy with his bag of Bluefish Point Trevally

These points will carry over for the next 3 months with an end of year winner to be announced.

State Vs State - this month.

1. NSW
2. QLD
3. VIC
4. The East Island (NZ)
5. SA
6. WA

Well done guys - this is the most entries we've had so far in the monthly comp. Well done Naki Man for being our first 'international' comp winner! This gives you the right to stick it to the Aussies for the next month! However the NSW boys can also give it right back as they were the winning state. 8)

Till next month...cheers. Dave

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Naki Man said:
Hey Guys, I may have miss led you you. The guy who caught those fish was Andy/Nubee. He is a member of our club and our forum. I was out fishing with him that day and took the photo. As he has not yet joined your forum , I posted the pic for him. Sorry if this was misleading as I don't wish to take another mans glory, specially as they were his PB fish.
If this was against comp rules, please amend the points accordingly.
This is a great forum and it's awesome that you guys have let us join your comp. There are many guys on our forum on east island that are keen to join.
Sorry once again for misleading you.

Can't wait for next months comp, I'll have my ruler in hand.

By the way on the day I landed a nice 10lb snapps but didn't take a pick

Cheers Peter (Naki man)
G'day Naki Man. no worries, you did mention in your post that they were caught by Andy, but I assumed that was your name! If Andy also wants to join up to AKFF, great, and he will be made more than welcome... although if he keeps catching fish like that every month we will soon start to get jealous and start hurling insults (in good humour of course :wink: ) across the Tasman. As for this month, I'm happy to let the pointscore remain 'as is'. PS. what is 'your' forum?

Basically our monthly comp is a fun/social comp and a way of encouraging members to get out for a fish. I'm glad that it's starting to take off and even reaching across to NZ.

Perhaps we will implement an 'Australian" section and then an 'International' section if and when we start receiving more overseas entries but at this stage it will remain as is.

As for those comments regarding myself, I'm happy to get out for a fish and if I catch something decent I'll enter it into the comp for possible points. However in this instance my entry and Gatesy's were around the same (he probably caught more than I did that day) so I gave the point to him... No dramas as I intend to score 10 points next month !!! :roll: .
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