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Name / Username of Angler: Cid
Fish Type/Name: Ralph (Bream)
Length: 36cm total length
Date/Time of Capture: 2/9 at 7:20am
Location of Capture: 2nd Runway, Botany Bay
Type of Lure/Bait used: Squidgy Flickbait (Evil Minnow) & 1/16th jighead
Comments: Fordy and I were working the marker bouys, hoping for an early season kingie. This guy hit the lure on the drop and my line zipped off like a rocket. I thought 'Woohoo, here we go!' as his first run was a ripper but I quickly subdued him with the 12lb braid I was using. Released to frolic in the Bay again.


1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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