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Normally I never feel queezy on the yak but my last two outings have almost had me riding the polyeurathane bus.

What's changed?

In the last 2 trips I haven't eaten any protien and I accidently left my water in the car.

I now believe you can totally prevent seasickness with a good dose of protien just before and while you are offshore.

If you've ever seen 100% pure whey powder, buy it. Blend a heaped tablespoon into a smoothie just before you walk out the door or crack a raw egg into it.

If you'can't manage to eat anything before you walk out the door, buy 2-3 protien bars and eat one just before you start paddling. When your stomach starts rumbling, start nibbling and drink plenty of water.

I reckon a full stomach is just as bad as a dehydrated stomach with no protien or water. Some unsweetened or lightly sweetened protien bars provide stacks of low GI energy. Because this energy breaks down so slowly, your stomach doesn't fight the distribution of nutrients and keeps your sugar levels stable.

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spooled1 said:
or crack a raw egg into it.
Now that's an idea Spooled1, just take a half dozen raw eggs out on ya yak and when ya start to feel sick, crack one into ya mouth and suck it down. And if ya still fill queasy, down some more. :mrgreen:

I don't often get those seasick feelings on the yak. Many years ago on a tourist cruise boat, I felt sick in a bad swell until I ate one of their meat pies.

After the third pie, I started to feel sick again.

What do you call a protein bar? I always take Uncle Tobys muesli bars (with yoghurt 'cause I am a health fanatic) as they are yummy and I am a fat man in a thin man's body and need to get into some sweet stuff.
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