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Been getting a lot of junk email lately and it has been niggling me as to why.

Lately I have noticed some strange names in the 'latest joined'. The last one is (at time of post) "TinyPussySex".

Looked up their details and clicked on their website and went straight to a porn site. This also happened the other night with another 'latest' (without such an obvious handle).

Just had a look in the 'Members' list, filtered to show the latest joined, and there would 6 or so joined since the 19th.

Is there any way of blocking out these scum? I believe that there is some young members of AKFF, and a chance exposure to this crap could / would be disasterous to both the youth and the site.

This is a great website and I would hate to see anything detrimental happen to it. I don't have the technical expertise to help with weeding out these phlegm, but would not hesitate to knock on their door.

Which leads me to wonder if these scum are trawling this site for email addresses. Has anyone else noticed an increase in junk lately?

It is probably too late now, but I will delete the email address that I have in my profile and see if that makes a difference.
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Absolutely - we don't need that stuff in here. This thread should probably be posted in the "site suggestions" category for appropriate action by the moderators.
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