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Scarby Reef Grants my wish.

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Great stuff mate, good first report. Cheers
A young feller like you can't go to bed at 3pm, surely!

Couple of nice snapper, TRob... makes it all worth-while, hey?

Cheers, Jimbo
Nice work there mate, good to see scarby is still producing the goods :D

I think I saw you in close when I came off the water about 6.30am. Your day was stark contrast to my morning. Drifting with plastics and bait from 4am, had one tiny nibble 10 minutes before paddled in, other than that, totally dead. Counted about 40 boats in the area so put the bad morning down to that but clearly that was not to blame given your result.
A couple of very nice Snappers there.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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