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Scarbourough Sunday 12 Nov 06

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Hi all,

I arrived at Scarborough while it was still fairly dark, and enjoyed the first light, and a glorious horizon. The sea looked a treat, and but for the smell of whatever the brown stuff that has died on the beach, things looked perfect. I don't know whether the brown stuff is to do with coral reproduction, of if its an algae.

By the time I was just about set up, Louise from where I work turned up, with her Olymp SIK, sporting a new flush mount, and a new trolley fashioned per the Super Cheap/AKFF pattern. Looking good. We were in the water about 0445, and after about a minute and a half paddle, was onto an Estuary Cod, It fought very well, and after I landed it, found another small partially eaten family member inside its mouth. Used Rapala x rap. Fish approx 43cm and 1.1Kg. Louise was pleased to see the fish so early in the piece, but we went our ways after that, and I wont find out for some days, if she caught anything or not.

Well that was the highlight of the day, and not much happened after that, no more hits. Saw a couple of other yaks out and about, one was a hobie pedal type, did not meet up with them though. I guess Im too slow with the viking tempo.

Fish finder stopped working during the trip, I opened the cover, and was able to reach the transducer, and it felt to be firmly attached. Feeling a bit miffed about it, I peeled it off the hull, and pulled it out and dropped it over the side, and found I could get a reading. Then I put the wet transducer back where it came from, but only resting on the hull now, and it started to work...... I will have to go to the wet box mounting method...buy more sikaflex..... Forgot to mention, had a few seagulls, hitting the water nearby, during the trip. If there were any predatory critters around, I didnt see them. I did see a gull drop a fish though. I did take a photo of the cod, but when I stuffed him in my hatch and put him on ice, he was in a curled up position, so it looked bloody stupid on the brag mat. I will have a look at it later, and may post the piccy..... Geez those fish have got huge gobs!

Yep, a half morning well spent.

Cheers all Andybear



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Good story, Andybear. I laughed at ya fish pic. Sorry. It only gets to the 30 cm mark so is below legal size and needs to be thrown back. :D :D

It is a good sized cod really. Well done.
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