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Scarborough Saturday Evening 7 October 2006

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Well I got on the water a bit after 5 and found Chris bobbing around on his Hobie. The wind wasn't that nice but being 100% easterly, paddling wasn't too bad (no cross wind, only head wind). The winds continued to drop and by 7.30, there was hardly a puff of wind out there, it was a brilliant evening.

We drifted in a zig zag pattern from out wide to shore and back out again both fishing soft plastics and baits. I caught myself something really big with two fins early on.....Chris's Hobie (sorry Chris) but by the end of the night, we'd caught numerous Squire, Sweetlip and I got one Flathead that went 43cm (and into the hatch for my dinner). No photos I'm afraid.
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Well done Gavin. I love night outings when the wind has dropped. Everything seems so still.
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