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Scarborough Saturday Evening 7 October 2006

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Well I got on the water a bit after 5 and found Chris bobbing around on his Hobie. The wind wasn't that nice but being 100% easterly, paddling wasn't too bad (no cross wind, only head wind). The winds continued to drop and by 7.30, there was hardly a puff of wind out there, it was a brilliant evening.

We drifted in a zig zag pattern from out wide to shore and back out again both fishing soft plastics and baits. I caught myself something really big with two fins early on.....Chris's Hobie (sorry Chris) but by the end of the night, we'd caught numerous Squire, Sweetlip and I got one Flathead that went 43cm (and into the hatch for my dinner). No photos I'm afraid.
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Gonna cook him up for dinner tonight. Took a couple of fillets off him and will probably shallow fry. I like to only lightly flavour fish as I think you should never cover up the taste of the flesh. If you do that, what's the point of eating nice fish to begin with. You may as well eat catfish :)

Tell me about it! It's been awhile since I've come home with something.

The Squire will be back. If not, with the amount of Sweetlip out there, it could be a bumper summer with them on the chew :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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