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Sat 21/10 PPB

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Anyone up for a Sat Mango Fandango? Morning predicted to be 15-20 knot SW dropping to 10-15 SW by afternoon. Location up for grabs... :?: :wink:
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I'm a definite maybe for Sunday morning. The rest of the family is now ill. :roll:

Are we going to launch from the nudie beach ?

You'd like that wouldn't you Santa, I mean Grant :D

Where is this nudie beach exactly? Last time we launched from close to the boat ramp at Snapper Point.
OK looks like Sat Mango's versus Sun Mango's to determine very scientifically which day is best for fishing. Rules: it's to be measured in species meter's...with the longest fish of each species from each day entered. Double points (in cm's) for pinkie/snapper, whiting or salmon. Closes 5pm Monday, no pics or anything needed. Any fish around PPB or Westernport can go in.

eg Sat is fished by Team Squid, HobieVic, 5thofNovemeber, Kingfisher111 (gotta enter the West gents) and Poddy...best fish come in at a flattie 35cm, coutta 40cm, pinkie 37cm (double), squid (total length from hood tip to longest tenticle) 45cm giving a total of 1.64 m.

Sun is fished by Squidder, HobieVic, Kevin, RodL and a very pastey and infectious looking Hoit, who inadvertently coughs and gets everyone off the water early suffering scurvy. Before that though the fish come in at ***** 45cm, red mullet 23cm, snook 41cm, and a 30cm pinkie giving a total of 2.14m. Proving that Sun Mango's can outgun the Sat tribe, and that Squidder and HobieVic back every horse throughout the spring carnival. Any interested entries, stick em on this thread :wink: :D
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he he. Cool :lol:
enjoy yourself out there lads, sounds like a bit 'o fun these next couple of days...i picked up my Kayak/Canoe (YakNoe) friday, how F'kkn excited am i :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
She is an absolute monster, think i will call her "BERTHA" or prehaps "Big Bertha", even better "BigBadBertha" :shock: :wink:
anyway im gonna kit her up a little and i reckon i may very well be ready to start my life as a Yakfisherman. :roll: :lol: 8)

I'll see you on the water soon Mangoes .... :lol:

I'm keen to see how Chelsea compares on the same day so I'll give that a go Sun morn. We can throw that location into the comparision notes between:

- Sat vs Sun vs Mon,
- Ricketts vs Mornington vs Chelsea,
- trolling vs SPs vs bait,
- mango colored yaks vs other,
- peddle vs paddle,
- people wearing hats vs not wearing,
- etc, etc

I nominate Poddy to produce the analysis report in the form of a series of pie charts for presentation Mon. evening.

So if any one else favours a real early, long paddle off Chelsea let me know. I'll also look forward to seeing a Sat. report we know what score we have to match Sun.
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Ha! A simple afternoon's fishing has me running stat's while doing a fillet job. Good in theory Kevin, but a pie chart wouldn't last until Monday night as I'd probably sink my teeth into during the arvo!! The Sun Mango's are not a chance, by the way...us Sat paddlers have the Squidette on board :wink: :D

Oh yeah...congrats Smurf may the gods of fish and neoprene wetsuits bless Bertha :wink: :D

Yes congrats on the new craft. Hope to catch you on the water before long.
Hi Guys

I'm exhausted and have a yacht race to sail yet but will try for another Mornington launch Sunday 4:30 am if others are going. If you want to fish deep then I suggest a Fisherman's Beach carpark launch. Quicker to get to deep water and good reef inside too. The unsealed carpark up top is the go with a short path onto the beach away from trailer parking.

For a quick reef shot. Shark Park at the bottom of Sunnyside rd. PM me for details.

Cheers big ears

I could be in...anyone still thinkin 2moro mornington? Goodluck to this arvos crew if i don't get along there myself
Sorry guys. A change in family plans has put me out of tomorrow's get together. :oops:
I'll still go for a fish off Mornington but I wont launch until 9:30 or so.
With any luck I might still catch a few of you out there.
Good luck all
just saw your post now Scott, thanks for the info. If you can muster up the strength that'd be great if you want to show us around down there. I'm bringing the steel trace and big fat shark hook too:)

So anyone think they'll definitely be in for mornington early sun morn? (if it's just me i'll probably stick a bit closer to melb - maybe even altona way)

Will let you know where we are if you end up getting down there later in the morn Rod.

-Dave (0425 792 714)

PS: PM sent to you scott
Squidder said:
Where is this nudie beach exactly?
Sunnyside Beach :wink: Although I think its now called Shark Park in honour of Poddy. :p

In any case I'm a late scratching for tomorrow. Good luck guys.

Crikey, team Sunday are falling down like ten pins.

Sat Mango's are currently sitting on

56cm Snapper (double up)
35cm Salmon (double up)
24cm Puffer (should ave beeen a minus score for him really)

Total 2.06m species meters

Best fish of each species on either day to count...with a few earning a double bonus.

Runs are on the board, or is it a tortosie v hare event with a fair tribe of Sunday paddlers to follow :wink: :D
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Sunnyside sounds the goods, Squidette and I will struggle for the 4:30 start, but will be there by 5:30 :wink: Look forward to seeing anyone else who comes along :D

Congrats on your fish today Poddy - Poddy braved the wind and chop for a ripper snapper and salmon, while Squidette and I took one look at the conditions and headed straight to the kayak shop to drool over Tarpon 140s......I can feel another yak coming on soon :D
Nice effort mate.
I didn't think anyone would have gone out today.
Fine work, and a ***** too :D
Your soft!
Squidder said:
straight to the kayak shop to drool over Tarpon 140s......I can feel another yak coming on soon :D
After seeng the smaller Tarpons of Dallas and Dave I reckon the 140 would be high on a shopping list if I was buying Jason
Poddy, top effort mate. Those sambos are starting to work for you now :) Sorry for poaching team squid off you, i needed the extra hands for a thresher or 2 :p

Any lurkers who should be asleep by now... 4.30 to 5pm launch from end of sunnyside rd, mt eliza. Working the reef to the right and probably get out to 16m or so from there.
This Sunday Mango clocking in for duty. Look forward to hearing some details on your ripper snapper Poddy. Don't know about the points for the puffer though? Good luck everyone else who are travelling Mornington way, I'll report back from Chelsea later.
And the Sunday Mango's are wreaking havoc with the Sat bowlers....after 20 overs their reply is

Pinkie 41cm (double up)
Flattie 33 cm
Rock Cod 29 cm

Total 1.44 species meters
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