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Sat 21/10 PPB

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Anyone up for a Sat Mango Fandango? Morning predicted to be 15-20 knot SW dropping to 10-15 SW by afternoon. Location up for grabs... :?: :wink:
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Fandango me up Poddy :D You pick the spot though, that way I'll have someone to blame when I don't hook up on a thresher :eek:

I'm keen to fish Sunday too Kev :wink:
Great to see you're a keen starter Squidette. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Here are some current reports from Fishvictoria.com for Mornington and Ricketts:

Out from Mornington the snapper have been a little hit and miss, with fish averaging 2-6kg. The 18m -21m line has been the most productive, the best tide has been the top of the run-in, and the pick of the baits have been squid, silver whiting and scad.

Ricketts Point / Black Rock
Going by reports I have received over the last couple of weeks there seems to be good schools of fish working from the point to just outside of the marine park, with bag limit catches of fish averaging 2-3kg. I spoke to a pair of anglers while they were on the water last Monday morning, they had 5 fish with 3 over 4kg. The fish were taken on pilchards and squid.
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Poddy, Squidette and I are keen for a Saturday arvo Ricketts bash.
As for Sunday, depending on how we do Saturday, maybe Ricketts again or Mornington, I'll keep an eye on this thread over the weekend.

Milt, there has been an absolute power of snapper taken over the past 3-4 days, hence the big boat turnout you saw. Were you fishing with Ange?
If Ange keeps at it he'll pull a good fish soon. A few of dad's mates have been doing ok on the big fellas out of stinkboats along eastern PPB , curse their scaley hides :twisted:

I hope you manage to get your yak wet soon Miltman, we miss ya on the water :cry:
Milt - let me know about the GOR trip, if the weather's nice it sounds like a goer. Only thing is that cray season doesn't open until the 16th of November - would you consider putting the trip off a few days? :wink:

Kevin - the 16m line all the way from Mt Martha to Sandrinham has been where most people have been concentrating their efforts. The first hand reports I have were from 16-18m directly out from Patterson River - quite a few 2-4kg fish, with many more runs than fish landed. I am starting to think that Mornington might be a good option for Sunday morning, mostly because you don't have to paddle out too far to get yourself to 16m :D

By the way, congrats on notching up the big 500 posts Kev :D :D
"Lock it in Roddy"
Looks like Saturday arvo Ricketts and Sunday morning Mornington. :D
You'd like that wouldn't you Santa, I mean Grant :D

Where is this nudie beach exactly? Last time we launched from close to the boat ramp at Snapper Point.
Sunnyside sounds the goods, Squidette and I will struggle for the 4:30 start, but will be there by 5:30 :wink: Look forward to seeing anyone else who comes along :D

Congrats on your fish today Poddy - Poddy braved the wind and chop for a ripper snapper and salmon, while Squidette and I took one look at the conditions and headed straight to the kayak shop to drool over Tarpon 140s......I can feel another yak coming on soon :D
1 - 8 of 42 Posts
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