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Sat 21/10 PPB

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Anyone up for a Sat Mango Fandango? Morning predicted to be 15-20 knot SW dropping to 10-15 SW by afternoon. Location up for grabs... :?: :wink:
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Can't make it Sat. but may try to get a trip up for Sun. morning. Maybe if we hit the fish with second wave of mangoes on the following day we may surprise them.

In what water depth have those successful reports that you have heard about and out from where.

I'm definetely in for Sun. morning if the weather is ok. Just still deciding whether to go out wide from Chelsea of closer in at Mornington.
I'm keen to see how Chelsea compares on the same day so I'll give that a go Sun morn. We can throw that location into the comparision notes between:

- Sat vs Sun vs Mon,
- Ricketts vs Mornington vs Chelsea,
- trolling vs SPs vs bait,
- mango colored yaks vs other,
- peddle vs paddle,
- people wearing hats vs not wearing,
- etc, etc

I nominate Poddy to produce the analysis report in the form of a series of pie charts for presentation Mon. evening.

So if any one else favours a real early, long paddle off Chelsea let me know. I'll also look forward to seeing a Sat. report we know what score we have to match Sun.
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Yes congrats on the new craft. Hope to catch you on the water before long.
This Sunday Mango clocking in for duty. Look forward to hearing some details on your ripper snapper Poddy. Don't know about the points for the puffer though? Good luck everyone else who are travelling Mornington way, I'll report back from Chelsea later.
1 - 5 of 42 Posts
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