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Hey guys and gals!
I hope I wasn't the only one out today! Beautiful weather, fishing was alright, and plenty to see.

I got to the garden island boat ramp at about 630, and rigged up and headed out. I anchored at the mangroves opposite the boat ramp and soon had a bunch of Salmon Trout.

I had a nice Black Stingray come and chill out for a while, and later, a metre wide Eagle ray cruised around. Figuring I'd better make the most of it, I cast out a whole ST fillet on my Saltiga Z20 combo and it ended up getting wholloped by the ray. I have never been turned around in my kayak quicker than this did!!

The ray eventually broke the leader and after some more ST's I called it a day.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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