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I made myself a liitle Lure drier. I use Liquid glass as a finish and needed to keep them moving for a few hours ( I am finding four hours is good, but I guess in summer it will be less than that)
Bought my blanks from wlure and they are brilliant. $1.20 for seven inch and 60c for the three inch, and they rattle! They have wire right through so should be good. I have a $25 Yo zuri lure here that is identical in all respects.
The motor is a little chicken rotisserie motor I bought from e bay for $14, the shaft is a piece of 7mm square that I found in an old door handle, and the round yhing is an old nylon cutting board. I screw the lures down to this. I have the rotisserie sitting in an old 100mm pipe fitting to act as a base.
Please excuse the poor quality movie, this is my first attampt and it is really laughable. but, we all need a laugh now and then!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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