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Roof rack options

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Hey guys

Just checking out roof rack options for my Hyundai Accent 5 door hatch. The only ones I can find for it are $240 and $299. I will only need the to transport my yak as I have a box trailer for anything else I want to transport. Just don't want the hassle of towing trailer long distances to launch my yak and I always hear reports of trailers getting stolen at boat ramps.

I dont really want to attach anything through my roof as that is the only fitting options for the roof racks I can find for my car. On the viking website there is some you just lay on your roof and then tied through your doors, but how do you tie off the kayak on them? Plus they are also $190. Anyone got anything similar to this that they can recommend for me. It is an added expense that I didn't expect when setting my budget for the kayak.

I know boat stands for Bring Out Another Thousand but wasn't expecting it for the kayak as well!!!!

Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Wayne,
Wecome to the forum. may I suugest you rethink the trailer idea (especially if you have one). I know towing can be a pain. Your trailer wont get stolen if you use a trailer lock.I bought one for 70$ from supa cheap and it locks the tow bar mount and the trailer so I know when I get back IT will be there. I put on a couple of old roof racks and DIY padded foam and some time down strapps and it works a treat. Total cost under $15 (second hand from garage sales. Also I find it a lot easier to unload from a trailer than from the roof of a car. I am in brisbane also so you are most welcome to look at my set up -Just PM me.
Good luck with whatever you decide. :D
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