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Ricketts Point salmon 8.12.06

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Tony (SMURFSMUGGLA) and I were on the water at 5:30, hoping that the snapper had taken up residence on the inshore reefs once more. A few futile hours working SPs and bait soon showed us that aside from a few small pinkies, majority of the fish were still out deep. What looked like a very quiet trip suddenly became not so quiet when a big school of salmon started busting up. Belting a plastic out into the middle of the school and cranking back fast soon saw a hookup, then a thrown hook, then more cranking, another hook up, some aerial work by the fish, and the fish finally landed. I was screaming out and waving to Tony (who was upwind, and out of earshot) as I landed 2 more fish from the school, then paddled up to him as fast as I could (I reckon the FnD was on the plane at one stage), and we both paddled back and found the school again. You can probably guess what happened next........I cast out and hooked up, Tony put a few casts through the school, had fish follow the SP but not connect, then the school disappeared, never to be seen again :( I feel bad for not fetching you earlier mate, there's a ***** out there for you next time :p The fish weren't taking the SPs on the drop, I found I had to crank back in as fast as possible to get hit - to the point where I was thinking "the fish will never be able to catch this" .....bang ....zzzzZZZZZZ :D :D

Things started looking better on the pinky front when Tony landed his first legal snapper. That fish appeared to be on his own so we relocated the yaks to Chelsea (20 min drive) and spent a pleasant few hours drifting for flathead, and managing about a dozen keepers between us.

Thanks for a magic morning on the water Smurf, hopefully we can catch up for a fish over Chrissy :wink:


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A few more pics:


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Unfortunately, due to the change in ownership of this web site and the lack of response by the owners to my requests to remove my email address from all administrative-level notifications and functionality, I have decided to remove my posts on AKFF. Thank you for the great times, the fantastic learning experiences and the many many fish. If you are desperate for the old content of this particular post, it is available below base64 encoded and bzip2 compressed.



Looked like a top mornings guys.
Well done on the *****'s Squidder, a nice way to say "so long".
Twas a great morning.Thanks ever so much Jason, i really appreciate all you have helped me with, in getting started in this FANTASTIC concept of fishing fom a Yak. Your enthusiasm knowledge and fishing skills have given me such a great start.Im not GAY but i think i love you :oops: . Nahhhh just shitting ya... :lol:
bugger i wasnt supposed to submit that ..

ANYWAY, all that aside, it was bloody amazing to see that school breaking up on the surface. ive never seen anything like it ( gobsmacked ) and was shattered they dived before i could hook up.Mind you watching Squidder playing with the beasts was satisfaction in itself.

It was a great day to get out and its a little sad to know that we are losing a fine young man with so much to offer :wink: . But what is our loss is Canberras gain, so i look forward to reading all your reports on the fishing up that way.

Best of luck mate, see you when ya get back. 8)
A great day at the office. How ya feeling Tony? Better, I hope.



Glad some excitment did eventuate. Jason a very unselfish act leaving the bustup to retrieve Smurf, pity the fish were not so cooperative once he arrived.

Best wishes for your move to Canberra Jason. I was very pleased to be able to catch you at the bbq before your departure. However you will be only a click away.
Cheers :D Glad you enjoyed yourself Tony, let me know how those fish come up :wink: Love your keeness mate 8) Hopefully the boss was an understanding fella.

Yep, only a click away Kev. I was thinking it was a good last trip, but I'll only be gone less than 2 weeks before I'm back to fish with the mangoes between Christmas and New Years :p

Something interesting was that none of the salmon innards had any baitfish in them, so makes me wonder what they were harassing on the surface. Or maybe the caught fish were the ones that missed out on the feast :?:
Well done on ***** front mate, not sure what they may have been feeding on perhaps the school was rounding / sizing the bait fish up before you spoilt the party :wink: ?

Better luck next time Tony I'll have to catch up for a fish after xmas.

Its a shame I'll be heading up canberra way whilst your coming back to Melbourne "maybe we could high 5 one day on the way through" :shock:

Whenever you need to jump in the Calypso and catch up for a few paddles with squidette let me know and I'll see what I can organise for you.

Thanks for all your help and efforts and best of luck up there.

Good to see you have entered the digital world with the camera work, I'll give you a vvvvery detailed report of Wallaga Lake and Narooma after I explore the waters this summer.

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Send some of those sambos down south will ya... plenty of baitfsih waiting for them...

BTW Well done. :)
Yep, those sambos can come out of no where and often do. And you gotta be quick on your feet when it happens like that. Your experience is kinda similar to one Steve and I had a while back, although not because of salmon. I had got on to some fish, however, but Steve was too far away for me to chase after him (he was paddling away). I had a radio with me, but Steve didn't have one with him. I cursed that fact at the time, but still rarely remember to bring along one of my talkies for him to use. This is a good reminder for me to start remembering. It'd be good if all or most of us carried them by default. Food for thought I reckon.
Very tidy darts to finish of Port Phillip with Squidder...well done mate :D
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