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Rickett's Point 25/11

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6 mangoes (or maybe 7 - I never saw PhilipL but apparently he was out there somewhere!) ventured to Rickett's Point to be greeted with calm and overcast conditions - myself and Squidette, Grant and his dad Frank, and Kevin and his son Daniel. Plastics yielded a snotty trevalla for me early, and a few nice flatties for Michelle. Gee it was quiet - even a burley slick of epic proportions failed to generate much interest (although Squidette caught a pretty fish I couldn't identify - a type of wrasse I think, maybe a juvenile weed whiting - see pic below). When the wind rapidly picked up at around 10am it was a good excuse to head in - I had just caught a big garfish and tried to persist in the chop, but after losing another gar and having a big wave crash over the back of the yak and down my top, I headed for home, with a few hairy moments before beaching. It was fantastic to see a good turnout, but the way Ricketts has been fishing of late, it might be time to suss out some new spots :wink: Look forward to seeing everyone at the BBQ next weekend :D


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Port Philip throws up very steep chop/waves that can grow to 2m walls of water. Very hairy to surf/fall down in most boats.


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