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Ricketts am Sat 18th

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Have noted that a couple of people have mentioned in another thread that they may be having a morning session at Rickett's Pt Saturday. I can make it also since Sat is going to be a bit calmer than Sun morn. With the tide change at 6.30am I'd like to get out wide well before then.

I'm looking at a 4.30am launch and paddling 3 to 4 km due south to the reefy area that is about 4.5 km offshore from Mordy. So on my way back I'll probably bump into anyone who prefers to remain closer in around Ricketts.
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You guys wouldn't believe the trouble i'm in. I got busy at work this week and I didn't make it to a wedding for a friend of Mrs Hoit. :roll: Boy did I cop it. :shock: Since I'm now sleeping in the spare bedroom I might as well sneak out tomorrow morning :wink: But I need to home by 9am so the very angry Mrs Hoit can continue to abuse me so I'm going to launch at 5.00am.

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