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Rickets Point 18/11

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Great day out on the water, very little action fish wise. Trolled a lure (Rapala C9) for a while and got a good fish on but lost him after a 30 sec bout. settled in for some drifting with a baited line as well as SP's, got a massive bite on the bait but he never came back (half pilchard completly destroyed-and that was on tight thanks to some BaitMate :wink: ) but nothing else really to speak of. tried trolling for another 1/2 hour but nothing.
Met ZACMAN out on the water-nice ride, and spotted a few kayaks here and there. Found a note on windscreen ( immediatly thought 'car broken into, F%$# S*^@#) BUT no twas Poddy saying g'day. Bit scared to come over and say hi on the water hey Poddy :wink: fair enough...plenty of time mate plenty of time... :D

Such a damn fine day im gonna try some freshwater fishing on the Yarra somewhere out by warrandyte... :D
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It was quiet Saturday arvo - sorry I missed you in the morning smurf, I ran out of time and had to reschedule my fishing to the afternoon. I worked SPs for about 2 hours, and only caught a single small pinky on SP, with very few hits. I switched to pilchard pieces on a small hook and was catching 15cm pinkies one after the other - good fun but not what I was after. I switched back to SPs for the last 15 minutes of daylight and got bitten off by a massive snook right next to the yak. PhilipL pedalled out midway through the session, and on the way hooked a handsome snook on the troll, which tried to take a piece out of his leg as he released it :lol: That's gratitude for ya!

It was also very quiet on Sunday - we fished all over Westernport bay in a friend's stinkboat, complete with fancy-shmancy chartplotter GPS and sounder, in 7-odd hours of fishing we only managed 4 KG whiting and a handful of small flathead between 4 of us :roll: At least we pulled a few crays in the morning :wink: Not sure why it was so quiet this weekend - I did notice that it's almost a new moon atm :?:
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Not huge mate, both about 10mm over legal. So under a kilo a piece. Tasty though :D


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Good on ya for putting in the hours Phil, that hit on the squid head sounds like Big Red for sure :p

Poddy, just boiled it for 13 minutes, according to my cray boiling formula: boil for 7 minutes + add another 7 minutes per kilo :wink: My craying mate prefers to split, wash and cook on the barbie - the possibility that they might end up tasting like last week's snags puts me off that method :?
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