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With all the wet weather and work, and various other things that keep me off the water lately, it's been time to play in the shed.

I have had this idea for a while, and decided to give it a crack. Most reels at the moment come standard with oversize ergonomic handles (at least the nice reels do anyway), but I have a few older reels that were in need of a bit of an update. This reel in particular is an Okuma Coronado, a very nice reel, super sturdy, but the handle was a bit uncomfortable. Now the easy solution would be to buy a nice new handle, but where's the fun in that?

With a bit of left over Duralon from a rod I built a while ago, I cut it to length and started to shape it. You can do this by making a mandrel that fits inside the duralon grip and into a drill. Run the drill and sand it down to shape. I had to ream out the inside a little to fit the existing handle snugly, but no glue required, as the fit is nice and tight.

Screw the handle back onto the reel and ready to go. Nice comfy duralon foam handle.

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