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Fished the close reefs off Redcliffe with my neighbour who became the proud owner of a new Bright Orange Prowler earlier in the week. The plan was to just get out have some fun and hopefully catch a few late season squire, we were both fishing 15lb and using pillies. My first cast resulted in a nice bream just over 35cm the fish was a little skinny, Bruce's (the neighbour) second bait resulted in a nice Gold Spot Cod around 30cm, the bite continued till we ran out of pillies just after midnight, the total catch was 2 Bream 35cm & 15cm, 2 cod 40cm & 30cm, 1 squire 28cm and a shovelly around 1 metre. I had several bust offs from unstoppable fish on the 15lb and also on my 25lb outfit the water is so shallow and there are so many rocks around there that if you dont turn them quickly its all over.
Conditions werent great but were managable, with a constant NE swell and wind it was difficult to hold position and there was a fair bit of up and down as well as waves breaking over the exposed rocks around us, the neighbour was very impressed with the stability of the Prowler as he hadnt been in conditions like that.
Overall a good night and hopefully when the tides are a bit better we can have a little more success.
I'll post some pics of the keepers a little later.

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The neighbour caught it he wasnt overly impressed with its fighting capabilities or its eating qualities, I quite like shovel nose its one of those fish that taste better after being frozen imo.
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