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Recommended Kayak for Offshore?

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Im looking for a kayak to go off the close reefs and headlands around Shellys, Moffats and Kings. I was wondering what size kayak would be ideal for this? should it be 3m+ or will a 3m kayak be fine? Thanks.
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While you can go off shore in a small yak you would be better off in a kayak better suited to the conditions. Launch conditions and fishing style will determine what is the best boat for the job, ie: - surf launches/landings and trolling for long distances, a fishing ski would be highly recommended but where the launch/landing is not through heavy surf and you are mixing trolling, lures and baits you can't go past a Hobie Adventure Island.

I mostly fish off shore in an Island but have taken my small 3 meter yak off around the headlands to see how it performed and found it to be less comfortable and more prone to pitching and rolling on the swell where the waves were being reflected off the rocks...

I don't fish your area and am therefore unfamiliar with the local conditions you will be facing and suggest you sit and watch what the regular, local guys a fishing from as that should show what works for your area...


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Your size yak would do it only on nice days with around 5 knots wind. Anything more and you will be struggling against wind and tide.

4m plus would be the safest option.

I have a Prowler Elite 4.5 for sale if you do decide to take the next step.
As the other's have said, 3 m is very short for offshore where you want to go.

As John said, the Hobie Adventure is very stable, and you have pedal power... a distinct advantage at times over paddle power. However, in surf, even better is a Stealth, with the fish hatch for safe rod stowage. Moffats and Kings Beach launches can be tricky with a bit of swell.

Consider Billpat's Prowler, a proven performer as an offshore yak.
Hey Landon,

Depends on where you are going to launching from, if you are going to be doing tough surf launches, what you budget is, etc.

My personal pick would be a Stealth Pro Fisha 575 but what is best for you depends.
Barracuda is my favourite of the plastics. 575 is possibly no 1 if you are experienced and don't mind the man handling on shore. Otherwise take the Stealth Evolution 465 for a wet test. Awesome yak.
Why would the OP want a 5.75mtr kayak for fishing? Thats just ridiculous, you guys dont even catch any fish, just paddle around real fast. ;-)

Most fishing kayaks over 4mts will be ok. Around 4.5mts would be optimum for an off shore FISHING KAYAK. Its good to be able to reach the tip of the kayak with the tip of your rod.
Thanks for the help guys Ill look at the kayaks you guys recommended for me :) Ill have a drive around the sunshine coast today and do some scouting. ill let you know what I find.
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