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Ready this time!

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In view of some of my recent exploits, and bad decisions whilst fishing, I have now decided as part of my pre fish routine, to test my rigs for strength before I go out. I recently aquired a digital fishing scale, and now I test the leader loops by pulling and holding 8 kg for about ten seconds. About 60 percent of the rated strength. Often I tie what I consider to be a rapala knot, but I often feel that I have led the line the wrong way to finish off. If its gonna slip or break, hopefully that will be the time, and not when the fish of a lifetime is being engaged. :lol:

Cheers all Andybear (fishing Scarborough 13 Oct) :lol:
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Andybear, have you found any of your knots failing? Like, have all of them passed the test or do you regularly find some that fail early?

By the way, that is a great idea. I have a set of fishing scales and they never get used by me because they start at about 1 kg and I need one that finishes at about 1 kg! I should use them to test my knots.
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