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Quick Trip Petrie Creek

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Got down to the water, and launched at about 5.15am, Decided to go against the tide towards Mooroochy River. slowly trolling hb on overhead with 3 kg fireline, and a sp on 2 kg spin rod

Headed down Petrie Creek with no luck, as i got around the corner in to the mooroochy river, decided to troll over a bank about 2 to 3 feet deep, that's when the SP went off, and after a couple nice runs landed a 58cm flattie. :D (first decent size fish landed on yak) .

I did another couple of runs over the bank, and dropped one about 50cm beside the yak :x .

I decided to head back up Petrie Creek, to launch spot still had about 1/2 hour before packing up so i through an SP around, second cast at a tree hanging over the water the rod dipped and i scored a 36cm pike. :)

Anyway i had to come back in. Packed up and home by 8.30

A nice morning on the water. with a couple of pb's out of a yak.


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