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Just a few pics showing how the install is progressing.

I have gone with A Lowrance X50DS, Dual Beam, 188 w Rms, 240 x 160 Pixels, it should be ideal for my freshwater fishing and shallow estuary fishing I intend to do.

This time a decided to use a plug/socket for the battery lead, I have soldered the lugs onto the battery. The plug/socket will make it alot easier when getting ready for launch, instead of trying to locate the lugs on the terminals when inside the hull.I will probably mount the Battery in a small tray on the bottom of the hull as tyhe Quest lacks any real ribs to lay it between.

The Lowrance bracket is well designed and has a premolded outlet for the cables to pass thru on the bottom of the bracket. The spring loaded bracket makes adjusting the angle of the screen easy.

Again I've gone for the silicone to the bottom of the hull trick. I sanded the inside of the hull and the bottom of the transducer for a better stick. When it drys I might use some cutting board material shaped to fit glued around it to give it extra strength.

Can't wait till Sunday now to give it a test at Hinze.


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Looking good Sel, will be a pleasure to see the yak on Sunday
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