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Hi Guys,

Thought i would post to let you know of some rods that i found on my travels on the web. I currently own 2 Temple Fork Outfitters Fly rods and have found them to be nothing short of excellent. They cast beautifully have plenty of power and a great finish and best of all them come with a limetime US$25 warranty for the original owner.

Anyway as i have just got my kayak i was looking at getting some two or best case three piece rods so that i can easily transport them inside the hull. Turns out that Temple Fork have also started doing spinning rods (boght the fly rods nearly 3 yrs ago and they didn't do spin gear then).

I sent them an email and they advised that http://www.burfish.com/catalog/tfo_spin ... sting.html
[/url] carriers the full range and will ship internationally. Best of all their shipping is charged at a flat rate of US$26.95 for Airmail (2-3 weeks) or US$38.95 for Express mail (average 7 days). All rods come with the same $25 replacement warranty for the original owner and most are 3 piece ranging in price from US$80 to $135 (for 9' drift boat rods).

I am thinking that i will be getting a few:

TFS-603UL 2—8lb 1/16—3/8 oz 6'-0" 3 Pc. $85.00


TFS-663ML 4—10 1/8—1/2 oz 6'-6" 3 Pc. $90.00

For Bream and Estuary Bass/Eps

TFS-663M 6—12 1/4—3/4 oz 6'-6" 3 Pc. $90.00

Impoundment Bass/Light Cod work

TFS-703H 10—25 1/2—1-1/2 oz 7'-0" 3 Pc. $100.00

Kingies!!! :twisted:

Even if I got all of them you are talking AU$520 inc. delivery (2-3 week option) and you get a lifetime warrenty!! and all are 3 piece!!

First things first though i need to pay of the kayak!!!

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Looks like a great deal.

With the TFS-703H 10—25 be careful of snapping it on a good fish. I recently busted a Daiwa Heartland IM-6 on a fat catfish off Hinchinbrook. It broke at the butt section at the first ferrule which is really odd.
A three piece rod will always be much weaker than a one piece but a lot stronger than a telescopic.
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