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Quaker's Hat Bay (Middle Harbour, Syd) 14/11/06

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Went down to Balmoral mid afternoon to check out conditions as a 20Kt+ wind was expected. Wind was straight onto the beach and strengthening, so decided to go to plan B. Decided to see if Tunks Park boat ramp was sheltered and it was, so put in about 3pm.

Got about 30 metres away from the ramp, dropped in the SX48, took about 10 paddle strokes next to a moored boat and the rod went off. Got a new PB of a 31cm tailor, nice start 8) . Retraced my steps twice, nothing else obliged so off I went between the moorings. Got round from the sheltered area and was head on into the wind :evil: . Ended up trolling up to Quaker's Hat Bay without a touch. Water shallowed up here to between 4 to 7 metres. Took a photo of what I thought were fish on the FF screen and the SX48 screamed off again with a smaller Tailor. Pleanty of fish were showing near the bottom at the end of the Bay so decided to stop trolling and drop in a Gulp minnow. Started getting hits straight away, but couldn't hook up, so assume small fish. Eventually managed to drag a Flounder out, which is a first for me :D .

Got a bit of a surprise when floating about with the SP. My username is Flump, with the avatar being a particular Flump called Pootle. Well I spotted a boat named Pootle so I had to take a piccy :D :D :D :D :D .

Trolled/ surfed (wind waves were getting up to half a metre :shock: !) back to Tunks Park without anything else happening :cry: .


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Hi Guys,

The yak is holding up great, a few niggles but nothing serious. I've installed the bilge pump and it works great, empties a full seating area in about 60 seconds :D and I've raised the rear hatch by 30 mm so it now lets no water in :D . The FF works great, just not too well in less than 3 metres of water due to the plywood, ah well, I can live with it.

For details of The Flumps see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flumps
It was a kids tv programme broadcast in the UK many years ago but don't think it ever made it to Oz. Pootle (the avatar) was the baby Flump :D :D :D :D

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