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Qld Palmy Night time mack tuna 90cm

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Was a late start after 4pm this arve, but gave it a go. Scored a 40cm mack tuna on a slug and swam him for a bit, but night was falling, so hightailed it in. Half way in it became dark and i knew i would be tackling the low tide bank and then the dumping shore break with limited vision. To make things worse my rod goes off, gee i wish i had brought my head lamp. Anyway a decent mack tuna came up, not really the desired species, but it was a good fight and Nico's fish drier would be working hard tonight.
Made it back in fine using the light from a plane which conveniently came past at the right time; talk about right place & right time. I am pretty sure that i and others akffers have caught bigger but according to the hof it is no1 so i will claim it i guess.


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Nice fish mate, and sounds like you better check the flight arrival times for those evening trips to get the lighting needed.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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