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pvc adjustable rod holders

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There has been some interest in some simple pvc rod holders that I mentioned in another thread. However being without a digital camera at the moment I hope a sketch will suffice (however I don't know if Scott will accept a sketch of my next 80cm snapper so I'd better scare up a camera by then for the monthly comp.).

Anyway back to the rod holder. Nothing really that special. Just found that athough I have one adjustable Berkley type holder I wanted to make better use of my forward flushmounts. I don't like the rods pointing pretty much straight up when waiting for a snapper run. Therefore using a couple of pieces if pvc tube that are slightly too big for the flushmounts I bent them over to about 70 deg. (both the temperature needed and resultant angle). A spilt in the base of the tube then allows it to fit snuggly in the flushmount.

I don't install these until I'm on location as they inhibit paddling. However they only take seconds to pop in. Then you can rotate them to give the best rotational position and angle.

With this set up I can fish a rod out either side with them lying just above parallel to the water.

Sketch below probably makes all the above text redundant.


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Hi Kevin,

thanks for the post. I am mucking around with mounting a Berkley adjustable rod holder onto some PVC pipe to use in my forward flushmounts. I reckon the forward flushmounts are in a very convenient position but like you I want to have my rod close to horizontal when chasing snapper & gummies.

I will post some photos tomorrow night.

Got the same prob, thanks for the solution kevin! So you heat them up and bend them? How'd you go about that?
Here is the Berkley rod holder I have modified to use for my snapper / gummy rig. I like this setup because I can have the rod close to horizontal. It also keeps the rod within an easy arms length and accommodates my bigger rods that have a long butt.
Nice job , i did similar early on using the standard berkely mount but shooshed it off not long after
I am puzzled. :?

Is there any reason why you cannot use the Scotty's rod holders with the flush mount? They allow you to adjust your rod at any angle you wish.

Or am I missing something here? :p

cdenyer said:
I am puzzled. :?
Must admit I'm a bit puzzled as well, when on its supplied base the Berkely can go horizontal without mods.

Mushi, to your bending question, fill your PVC pipe with sand, then heat pipe and bend as required; the sand prevents the pipe from buckling at the bend
Not high enough to stop the rod handle from hitting the yak . The berkely shafts are only about 2.5 inches high.
Nice job! I like it a lot :D
I have a Berkley rod holder fitted to my Ozzie and I was looking to improve upon the setup this time around.

The new setup for Swing means the rod holder is still fully adjustable but it also ensures

1) the reel is well clear of the water & kayak deck
2) I don't always half pull the holder out of the mount when grabbing my rod. (My bait soaking rods have long butts and thick grips which can stick in the holder)

It also saves me from drilling any more holes in the Swing.

But the most important factor in modifying the standard Berkley rod holder is that it has kept me occupied during the coldest Melbourne June in 134 years. :D :wink: :D

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PeterJ said:
Not high enough to stop the rod handle from hitting the yak . The berkely shafts are only about 2.5 inches high.
Thanks Peter :wink:
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