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Purple Pieces Eater

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Hi All,

Here is my latest build. After my last 10wt fly rod to spin conversion, the other half has started fishing and making non too subtle hints about how much she likes the build!!! Soooo, who am I to deny she who must be obeyed!! ;-) With a large split area to play with, I decided that some marbling was called for. I have been meaning to try my new pigments for a while now, so this was the perfect chance to experiment.

Build specs are as follows:

Jarvis Walker 9' 2pc 10wt fly rod stripped down.
Fuji dbl foot black Alconite K guides #20, 12, 10. Fuji Single foot black Alconite K guides #8, 7, 6, 5.5, 3 x 5 and a #6 BFAT tiptop.
Black Fuji Camo eva grips. Purple Dimpled ALPS winding check to match Purple & Light tic ALPS tri reel seat (LOVE THE ALPS GEAR!!).
Bullards Mineral pigments in Metallic gunmetal, orchid & pearl white.
Bullards DII epoxy.
Threads are Pac Bay #A metallic black and gunmetal. Alps #A metallic purple & pearl white.

In all this was a really fun build, and I and the other half are totally stoked with how it came together and ended up looking. Cant wait to see her blood it in this weekend! I will be doing more pigment work on future builds so stay tuned.

Thanks for looking and enjoy!!

Bcard lure pack april 13 025.jpg

Bcard lure pack april 13 023.jpg

Bcard lure pack april 13 022.jpg

Bcard lure pack april 13 021.jpg

Bcard lure pack april 13 015.jpg

Bcard lure pack april 13 018.jpg

Bcard lure pack april 13 020.jpg

Bcard lure pack april 13 010.jpg


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Dockers supporter?
Nah, she just loves purple!
Looks excellent. I'll have to give this marbling thing a go!
Lots of good rod building sites that are more than willing to share the love!! The rod "guilds" i have encountered, seem to be a bit elitist! Just google rod building forums.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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