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Prowling for a Prowler

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Ok all you Prowler guys out there. I am looking at the new Elite which are supposed to arrive here in a couple of days. My original choice is/was the X-Factor. But, I'm beginning to think it might be out of my budget and the new Elite looks great. Is there anyone out there who is the 6'3" 120Kg class that can give me an idea of how the Prowler might go for me? The specs say it will carry 230Kgs and I'm hoping the seating area might be big enough for my beam. I'm told that the front hatch leaking is no longer an issue and that the center hatch is now moulded in.
Just wondering how you all feel about the stability issue.
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G'day Duncan, I know a big guy, (in your weight range) who has both a Prowler Elite & an X-factor & rates the Elite much better, especially in terms of speed.

Also know another guy who is happy with his Prowler 13.

The Elite looks pretty good though. I'd try them all out before I made my decision if I was you.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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