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Price Finally Fires:- 12/11/06

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Because my wife's Christmas show was in Ardrossan, I thought it may be a good idea to throw on the Yak as it is so close to Price.

The show was a good one, and the next day, up early to hit the water. Thankfully I ended my drinking session early enough that I felt really good. Was on the water at 7am and the tide was very full. I headed into the estuary system and found the water well above the banks and well into the mangroves. When it is this full most of the fish will feed in amongst the mangroves, so they are not as easy to find. I fished the system for a short while for no return.

I decided to head out and make a run for home. Because there was so much water, the water was quite deep along the banks of the main creek, so I chucked on an SX40, and stuck close to the mangroves. First 10 strokes, first bream into the yak. Not huge but just legal. Next ten strokes, another bream in the yak. Again about the same size. Lure out again and this time a good sized mullet. Well this continued all the way back to the ramp. At the end I caught about 6 bream, only one undersized, but the size was small. And 5 mullet. Strangely I left them biting. I had no reason to get home, but decided I had had enough. :?

For the SA boys, I was talking to a local about the mulloway, and got some great tips and places to fish in there. So it might be about time we had a mulloway session :idea:

Sorry no pics.

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Good one Yakabe.

How on earth do you get mullet to take lures? Only seen one caught that way and it was foul-hooked. Great fight though.
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