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Previous "Active" Members

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I now that people come and go from this forum, but I'm wondering what's happened to a few notable members that we haven't heard from in quite a while.

One of these is Breambo. I always enjoyed hearing about his exploits catching fish and dodging waves at Lennox Head. I hope he's still out there, and hasn't been dragged out to sea by something large and bitey.

Also, has anyone heard from Phil (Mariner) or how he's doing lately??
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I spoke to Breambo about two months ago and he said he was moving to sapphire country in central Queensland near Rockhampton.

I fished with him a few times and he's a top bloke. My guess is he doesn't have an internet connection.

Working in a roadhouse around there somehere. I bet he's missing those stonker bream. He had Lennox yak fishing completely sorted.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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