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Positive floatation - fullafoam

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Gday all
Been thinking to much and have come up and been toying with the idea of filling the yak with full o foam for positive floatation.

1. saftey factor of positive bouyance even if you get holed.
2. the stuff in the front hatch keeps sliding to the back of the yak. The one that is really annoying is the wallet and keys in a dry bag and the first aid kit.

1. might create to much bouyancy and the yak could ride to high becoming unstable
2. full o foam expands and gets hot during the chemical reaction, either melting the hull or deforming it from the expansion
3. cutting holes in the yak to reach all the mid section

The plan
1. Fill in small sections starting in the middle and working back both ways
2. forward area access through front hatch
3. Rear access cut 100mm holes in rear and fit screw hatches. The rear well has a space for this
4. fill from center of yak out in 100mm lots to help heat and expansion
5. be carefull of the rudder wires cause full of foam sticks like s*$t to a blanket and will jam the cables
6. trim foam to neat finish and sqaure sections around new hatches for more storage

Thats the plan has anyone tryed this or can see any problems i may have not anticipated before i destroy my new yak.
The other option was to buy some foam floatation blocks cut them to size and fit them in. Maybe just a 200mm strip in either end then sealed with silicone to create three water tight areas

Or have i just gone nuts :?:

Cheers Dave


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Below the floor on my stinky i have about 80 3 litre plastic coke bottles in there ,sealed.
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