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Port Hacking Sunday Morning

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didn't manage to get out Satuday arvo for a crack at the fishing comp, but was up bright and early Sunday thanks to my 1 year old who thinks that 5am is a GREAT time to jump around in his cot and bang the walls.

anyway, he went back to sleep and I figured that as long as I was up I may as well take advantage of the morning.

launched at around 5.30 to a great morning, calm and incoming tide. met a fellow yak fisho near the ramp (his 2nd only time) and had a brief chat before heading off. planned to troll for kingfish then find some livebaits for big tailor or early flatties.

nothing doing on the kingfish front, so i then drifted the sandflats throwing a small bubble pop popper hoping for a bream , whiting or flattie. nothing!

changed to a gold halco laser pro 45 and trolled up a couple of chopper tailor at the head of south west arm. headed across to lilli pilli where there were schools of pilchards absolutely smashing small 2-3cm long baitfish . the action was unbelievable, a section of water 200m square was churning into a frenzy. luckily I had the trusty sabiki rig ready to go and hauled in a dozen or so pilchards (see pic).

dropped a couple of pilchards down and was immediately hooked up to a solid fish. after a couple of runs he broke free.

changed to a bigger hook and dropped another pilly down, bang another hit but this time just the back half was taken....tailor.

tried rigging again but the remaining baits were untouched.

cruised back drifting for flathead but not a touch. got off the water at 10.30 just before that bloody windstorm came up.

a good morning despite the lack of action... I'll get' em next time!


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You have more fish on that one line than I catch in a month, Davey G, so well done.
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